“Hear what the Volunteers have to Say ….”

We allow our volunteers to get feedback on Zeles Rewards Programme and found one of their stories inspiring and happy to share on here:


The Granny who Pays It Forward with Kindness and Compassion…

Alice* has been an active Zeles volunteer for the last two years.  She loves volunteering as it keeps her energetic and adds meaningful colour to her daily life.  What does she do with all those VoPoints reward she gets for her many volunteer hours?

Alice’s eyes lit up as she responded to our query: "many of my volunteer friends donate their VoPoints to the people who need them more, such as redeeming the NTUC vouchers for the elderly folks and needy families.  As for me, I use my VoPoints to redeem Popular bookstore vouchers for my grandchildren.  My volunteer activities give me many stories to share with my grandchildren. Whenever they use the Popular vouchers they receive as gift from me, they are reminded of the less fortunate people and the many stories I have shared with them.  I hope my grandchildren will grow up with kindness in their heart and be compassionate towards others, especially the less fortunate people in our society.”

*not the volunteer’s real name

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