Let’s Do Good Together

  • Thinking of organizing a corporate social responsibility event for your company or planning to help the underprivileged communities as a corporate entity  but don’t know who to connect who, what sort of assistant they need, no worry…... talk to Zeles and we will plan, organize the entire event for you.
  • Looking to do good but don’t have the spare time, no worry …... talk to Zeles and you could partner us to be our sponsorship partners and donate in kind.
  • You’re a non-profit organisation or social enterprise looking for a digitalized solution to manage all your volunteers or simply wanting to grow your pool of volunteers ...… talk to Zeles and tap on our network of over 8000 volunteers.
  • You’re an individual, looking for opportunities to volunteer your skills and time to serve the needy in Singapore…. download Zeles VMS app to explore these volunteering activities.

What We Do


Zeles is a tech based social enterprise that helps corporate customers to design and personalize any social activities for their employees. Corporate customers can also license the Zeles volunteering app, allowing their employees to capture their volunteering experience digitally.

In addition, Zeles assists social service agencies, non-profit organizations even ground up new social initiatives to manage their pool of volunteers. The Zeles volunteering mobile app allows volunteers to easily browse and join any volunteering activities. Volunteers are incentivised with fun treats from corporate sponsors.


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Impacting Our Community Together