About Us

About Zeles

  • Zeles is a social enterprise that connects volunteers to non-profits and corporate sponsors
    • This is done through a digital mobile platform where our partner non-profits list volunteer activities. There are currently about 70 non-profit organisations and over 8,000 volunteers
    • Corporate sponsors can give small treats such as discount vouchers, or cash sponsorships for discount vouchers, to volunteers based on their contributions
  • Our business model involves organising CSR activities for corporate clients
    • We leverage on our network of non-profits, connecting them to corporates based on social impact objectives, budget and timeline
    • We act as an extension of the corporate and cover everything end-to-end, employees just need to show up on the day itself. You can take it as an R&R event but also with beneficiaries
  • We also offer an IT solution for mid-scale to large sized corporations to manage their own company-led initatives over the digital platform
    • Company’s activities can be listed on our Zeles VMS app, and employees can sign up for these activities directly
    • Proper tracking of employee volunteering hours and other analytics are provided on the backend system
    • Corporations can select to ride on either the Zeles public platform or having a ‘white label’ volunteering platform, entirely on its own
  • We differentiate from other volunteering platforms through:
    • Volunteer incentivisation system
    • Value added services to ensure each stakeholder achieves their outcome



We hope to provide a convenient platform that bridges the gap between volunteers who want to make a difference and the social service communities that need more support.


We want to cultivate a culture of social contribution as a lifestyle for every Singaporean.

Our Journey and Growth

2016 : Incorporation of Zeles Network Ltd as a Corporate Limited by Guarantee entity in Singapore
2017 : Launch the first version of Zeles mobile app in March with 10 SSAs and 1000 volunteers in 12 months
2018 : Introduction of Corporate Sponsors to incentivise volunteers with treats and reached 3000 volunteers on the platform
2019 : Launched Corporate Module on App and Organised CSR activities for Corporates/SMEs
2020 : Despite COVID-19, the App continues with fresh upgrade of new features and functionalities