Using the Zeles VMS App

For Volunteers


Download App

Search for ‘Zeles VMS’ in your App Store or Google Play Store, or click below to download it. 



Getting Started

  • Option 1: Select ‘Explore as Guest’ to start browsing without registering!  Sign up only when you want to volunteer for an Activity.
  • Option 2: Select the “Sign Up” button at the Login screen.
  • Ensure that the email address entered is valid as it will be used as your login ID. 
  • Mandatory fields: Salutation, Name, Year of Birth, Education, Mobile No.


STEP 3 (optional)

Follow & Join your VHO (if you want to be notified of their activities but not ready to volunteer with them yet)

  • Select ‘Volunteer’ from the bottom menu.
  • List of 'Non-Profits/VHOs' logos will be shown.
  • Select the VHO/SSA/SE logo that you are interested in.
  • Start by tapping on the “Follow” button in the Non-Profits/VHOs screen, followed by tapping on the “Join” button again to receive the notifications on news and activities of the VHO/SSA/SE.



Searching for Activities

  • Option 1: Select 'Activities' tab from the Non-Profits/VHOs screen to see the list of activities posted by a VHO/SSA/SE.
  • Option 2: Type a keyword on the Search field on the ‘Volunteer’ screen to see suggested activities.  Keywords can be relating to an interested cause eg. Youth, relating to an activity eg. Befriending, relating to a month eg. Dec or relating to a VHO eg. NTU, Sage, Realm
  • Option 3: Select 'What’s New' under 'Home' to see a list of recent activities posted by all organisations.



Registering for Activities

  • Tap on the Activity that you are interested to volunteer.  To read more details about the requirement of the volunteering activity.
  • Select ‘Sign up’ to register for the Activity.
  • Depending on the nature of the activity, you will be assigned as a Member/ Skilled volunteer/ General volunteer/ Attendant.  You will receive an email confirmation and phone notification if the registration is successful.
  • If you are unable to attend the Activity, select ‘Disenroll’ from the Activity before the actual day of the Activity.



Record your Attendance

  • On the day of the Activity, tap on the Activity that is listed in ‘My Activities’.
  • Select ‘Enter Activity Code’ to clock your attendance or if QR Code is provided by the VHO/SSA/SE, you can select ‘Enter via QR Code’.
  • For some Activities, you may be required to enter other additional information such as Attended Date, Attended Time, Attended Hrs Spent and Remarks.  And also giving a 1-5 stars rating.
  • After attendance confirmation, you may tap on the activity and request for a Certificate of Attendance to be emailed to you.



View your Volunteering Activities

  • Total Volunteering Hours are always displayed on the App Screen.
  • Select ‘My Profile’ on the bottom menu, followed by ‘Activity History’ to see the list of past activities attended. You may tab on the top right hand corner arrow icon to obtain an excel spreadsheet of the details, which will be emailed to you.
  • Select ’Statistics' for data analytics on the hours clocked and Activities participated, in comparison with others within the same age group, gender and educational background.



Redeem and Collect your Rewards

  • Receive VoPoints as you clock your volunteering activities.
  • Redeem rewards from the list of available rewards with VoPoints.
  • Collect the reward items/services at the retail outlets (If physical vouchers are issued, they will be mailed to you when you provide your mail to address).
  • VoPoints can also be donated to a VHO of your choice too!


For Organisations

Contact us to apply for a new Zeles account for your organisation! 

Zeles will provide training on the following:

  1. Volunteer management using the app and an admin account for the backend system. 
  2. Create activities for your volunteers to be involved in. 
  3. Generate reports and analyse to better understand and engage your volunteers.
  4. Download the information for records keeping.