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Bridging the gap between volunteers who want to make a difference and the social service communities that need more support

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Zeles is a social enterprise to enhance and facilitate Singapore’s Volunteer movement. Zeles is a mobile platform that links and matches resources and needs within the volunteer social service community (SSE). It bridges the gap between volunteers who are inspired to make a difference and the social service community that need more support.
Zeles Network

Zeles Network

Our goodie bag packing is done! Over the past few weeks, volunteers from ACE Seniors, Standard Chartered Singapore, the Civil Service and Zeles Network helped pack National Day goodie bags for 6,400 seniors staying in 23 nursing homes and community hospitals. These goodie bags will be distributed this week.

Interested in organising initiatives like this one to brighten someone's day, but need support for planning, manpower or funding? Get in touch with us!

Zeles Network

Zeles Network

Very happy to be able to share the joy of volunteering with the CNA 9.38 Radio.

Zeles Network

Zeles Network

The children crafted cards, addressing to ‘Ah Gong’ & ‘Ah Ma’. Bet that the elderly on receiving them will be very delighted. 😘

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