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Zeles Network is a social enterprise that enhances volunteerism in Singapore through providing end-to-end volunteer engagement and management services. We connect, support and guide non-profits in developing new volunteer programmes and managing existing ones. Our Zeles Volunteer Management System (Zeles VMS) app supports and facilitates the entire volunteering journey, by matching and connecting volunteers to non-profits. Since the app was launched in March 2017, it has been adopted by about 70 non-profits and near to 8,000 volunteers.
Zeles Network

Zeles Network

Zeles wishes all a Happy Chinese New Year! This week, we feature Authorities Facilities Management, who sponsored wishlist items such as drinks, bak kwa, cushions and radios for 35 residents at Society for the Aged Sick!

While we were not able to physically interact with the residents, we knew that the items have brought joy to them. These were the items that they had specially asked for.

Looking to do good during this festive period? Get in touch with us to discuss potential collaborations!

Zeles Network

Zeles Network

As we look forward to the upcoming Chinese New Year with family, we feature a story from a volunteer, who shares her experience of volunteering with her son at a bread distribution by one of our partner non-profits, Givingcollective_!

“Today, we went to volunteer with The Giving Collective at Bishan East Zone 5 RC. There was a wide variety of bread, cake and even pizza from different bakeries nearby, prepared for the seniors to come over to take. Those who came down got to choose the types that they and their families liked. After an hour, we packed the remaining bread into small bags to deliver to less mobile seniors.

The seniors were beaming with smiles when they came to select the bread. They only took what they needed, or if they took more it was to share with their neighbours. It was really refreshing to see how considerate they were!

I usually think of “bread distribution” as just giving away bread. However, through the process of befriending each senior, I realised that we are also giving (and receiving) happiness! It was a good experience for both my son and I.”

Looking for a family activity during the upcoming holidays? Volunteer with non-profits like The Giving Collective through our Zeles VMS app!

Zeles Network

Zeles Network

Zeles Tutor Volunteer Interest Form

COVID-19 disrupted school operations last year, which affected the learning of students. This was especially true for underprivileged students who may not have had sufficient access or knowledge to use digital devices for home-based learning. Thankfully, Zeles' partner non-profits such as Bethesda CARE Centre, Brighton Connection and FaithActs stepped up to provide online and offline tutoring services for underprivileged students, ensuring that they keep up with their syllabus!

The new school term has begun, and our partner non-profits are starting to get a better sense of the types of support that their students need. If you would like to get involved, we welcome you to join them for tutoring activities:
1. Join existing tutoring activities through the Zeles VMS app
2. Sign up on our Google Form to indicate your interest for future tutoring activities: https://forms.gle/ahaJgbAE7ryMDui67
3. Invite your friends to join too!

About Zeles: Zeles strives to connect volunteers, corporates and non-profit organisations together to enhance Singapore's volunteer movement. More information about Zeles can be found at http://zeles.sg/.

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