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Zeles Network is a social enterprise that enhances volunteerism in Singapore through providing end-to-end volunteer engagement and management services. We connect, support and guide non-profits in developing new volunteer programmes and managing existing ones. Our Zeles Volunteer Management System (Zeles VMS) app supports and facilitates the entire volunteering journey, by matching and connecting volunteers to non-profits. Since the app was launched in March 2017, it has been adopted by about 70 non-profits and near to 8,000 volunteers.
Zeles Network

Zeles Network

Ad-hoc Delivery Volunteer Recruitment

Non-profit organisations often require delivery services for bulky items such as furniture, food, goody bags and activity materials for their beneficiaries. If you own a vehicle and would like to support non-profit organisations on an ad-hoc basis as a delivery volunteer, please indicate your interest on this Google Form. Thank you! https://tinyurl.com/zelesdelivery

Zeles Network

Zeles Network

Deepavali, the festival of lights, symbolically represents the victory of light over darkness, good over evil, and knowledge over ignorance. As we celebrate this joyous occasion, let’s also remember those who are less fortunate. Zeles is proud to feature the Rough Sleeper Project by The New Charis Mission (TNCM), one of our partner organisations!

The Rough Sleeper Project is a home improvement project in partnership with the MSF to provide a conducive living environment for the elderly who are homeless. This involves cleaning, repainting and refurbishing a house for elderly who are homeless. Here’s what one of the volunteers, Vic, had to say:

“As an ex-offender, it hasn’t always been easy. Thankfully through TNCM, I have been given the opportunity to bond with others, serve the community and change my life! During COVID, it is even more important for the homeless to have a safe place to sleep in. I am happy to contribute to the Rough Sleeper Project.

Volunteering requires commitment and must come from the heart. Where there’s a will, there’s a way! The appreciation and satisfaction I receive from serving is priceless - the Vo-points from Zeles is just a bonus. I redeem these points for Carl's Jr. and Popular vouchers and give them to my children. I believe it brightens their day!”

Looking for ways to serve the underprivileged? Sign up on the Zeles VMS app today, and join activities from about 70 organisations like TNCM! Together, we can shine light into more people’s lives.

Zeles Network

Zeles Network

As we approach the year-end season of giving, let's also support the underprivileged! From 17 October to 16 December, our partner non-profit Kampung Senang轻安村, in conjunction with Spatec Academy, is organising Cut For Compassion to raise funds for patients with chronic illnesses and cancer. You can support the fundraising effort by pledging to cut your hair, cut paper usage, cut carbon emissions or cut junk food.

Donate or join as a fundraiser today: https://www.deeda.care/de/case/help-provide-financial-support-to-beneficiaries-through-cut-for-compassion

Zeles Network

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