About Us

Who is Zeles?

Zeles is a non-profit organization that strives to promote and enhances Singapore’s volunteer movement through a Mobile Multi-Platform Volunteer Management System, which links volunteers to non-profit organizations, VWOs, social enterprises, other informal help groups and track their volunteering activities and performance.  

Who is the founder?

The Founders” being people who came together with a common passion of what they hope to achieve in the backdrop of their past wide experience in the commercial community to build a useful mobile solution to support and help all organizations who have the same mission of bringing happiness and helping others.


The ZELES team combines community engagement, a passion for technology, and a commitment to building strong volunteering USP. 

We hope to facilitate the coming together of non-profits with a good cause and volunteers looking for volunteering opportunities.


1. To bridge the gap between volunteers who are inspired to make a difference and the social service community that need more support. 

2. To cultivate a strong culture of contribution where “Giving” is part of every Singaporean’s DNA, whereby promoting a robust ecosystem and make “Giving” simple and meaningful for everyone.


Volunteering as a life style choice – for the young to see it as rewarding and for the Senior as a valued activity


By 2030, there will be an estimate of 900,000 Singaporeans over 65years old… At the least, one third are abled retirees…


These retirees can be the THIRD WORKFORCE for Singapore.


Zeles to focus on promoting and bridging semi-skilled volunteers for specific areas with Volunteer Host Organisations.