Why Join Us - For VHOs

Zeles helps to connect, support, guide and assist non-profit organisations in their programmes where they may need new volunteers. It also manages existing volunteers in the current programmes that the organisations may have.

If you are from a Non-Profit Organisation (NPO), Social Service Agency (SSA), social enterprise, or an informal help group, your organisation is eligible to join Zeles by using the Zeles VMS app. Since its launch in March 2017, Zeles VMS has connected approximately 8,000 volunteers to about 70 VHOs.



Benefits of Using Zeles VMS

Non-profit organizations, VWOs, social enterprises, other informal help groups.


Zeles VMS is supported with a back-end module that can assist your organisation in managing your volunteers more efficiently and effectively. Upon successful registration, you will be on-board Zeles within 2 weeks. Subsequently, you will be able to achieve the following without any significant investment on your part:

  1. Recognise your volunteers with the Zeles Rewards Programme
  2. Collect and collate your volunteers’ particulars and attendance – without you having to do any data entry
  3. Ensure that your volunteer database is always updated 
  4. Publicise your upcoming events and recruit volunteers


Please contact us for more information regarding joining Zeles and the fee.



Partner NPOs and VHOs

ACE Seniors

All Saints Home

AMKFSC Community Services


Architects of Life

Arise2Care Community Services

Association for Early Childhood Educators


Bethesda CARE

Brahm Centre

Brighton Connection Care Centre

Calvary Community Care

Campus Impact

Cancer Wellness

Care Community Services Society Singapore

Caregivers Alliance Limited

Cerebral Palsy Alliance Singapore

Christian Outreach to the Handicapped

Daughters of Tomorrow

Dignity Kitchen

Eco Film Fest

Eco-Harmony Cafe



Friends of the Disabled Society

Geylang East Home for the Aged

Handicaps Welfare Association

HCSA Community Services


HUG Community Services

IC2 PrepHouse

Image Mission

Jazz Association Singapore

Junior Achievement

Kampung Senang

Kidney Dialysis Foundation