Message from the Founder

Together with a few of my colleagues, we have spent a large part of our corporate career in helping Singapore SMEs leverage technology, data analytics and innovation for operational and business success.

A couple of years ago, we decided to come together with a common passion of what we hope to achieve in the backdrop of our past experiences in the commercial space to help non-profit organizations and VWOs succeed.

With this in mind, Zeles Network was formed in 2016 as non-profit organization to advance the value of volunteerism through a Mobile Multi-Platform Volunteer Solution. The purpose is to match, link and connect volunteers to non-profit organisations, VWOs and other informal help groups.

The Zeles team combines community engagement, a passion for technology and data analytics, and a commitment to bring together passionate volunteers and good causes.

Zeles Mobile Apps allows Social Organisations and VWOs to reach out better, engage more and do more. These organisations will now have a simple, easy-to-use platform to engage supporters, members and volunteers on mobile. 

The Apps is also a resource for Volunteers to find volunteering opportunities, log their service hours, connect with friends and be rewarded for doing good.  It shall be the tool and resource to bring greater productivity for the mobile-savvy users.

Zeles Mobile Apps for Volunteers was launched early 2017.  In 2018, Zeles team shall bring Sponsors to spur and thank volunteers with rewards.  Volunteers can continue to do good as well as to translate these goodness to new impetus for more volunteering opportunities with the community.  It shall be a continual cycle of good deeds translating into good deeds.  The next few phases promise to bring deeper features and functionalities to create greater value for the various stakeholders – Sponsors, Corporations, SMEs, Non-profit organisations, VWOs, volunteers, supporters and members.

We envision volunteerism to be a lifestyle choice for every individual – the young to see it as rewarding and the Senior as a valued activity. Fast forward thirteen years into the future, as the demographics of Singapore shift significantly, so will be the volunteering landscape. When this happens, we believe our Zeles team stand ready to contribute meaningfully to the volunteering space in Singapore.
In fact, Zeles Mobile Apps is more than just a platform, we are a team of people who walk the talk. Each and every one of us are volunteers ourselves. We believe this will enable us to bring innovation and inspiration to Non-profits organisations, VWOs and Volunteers.